Friday, August 15, 2008

Cville's Best New Local Website: Betty, of course!

OK. So that's not a category in Cville Weekly's Best, but if it were* wouldn't you vote for Betty?

Who helps you find local green builders/architects/gardeners for your renovations or new projects?
Who helps you find a new home for your couch or computer?
Who gives you the inside scoop on the best consignment shops in the 'ville?
Who tells you about environmental events in and around town?
Who connects you to local organizations that are working for the better, greener world we all want to see?
Who is working in the Earth kitchen cooking up more ways to make green living easier for you?
And who loves you no matter where you are on the path towards greenness?

Who's got your back when it comes to green?

Bottom line. Betty does.

*note to self: bend Frank's ear re: new Cville Best category!

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