Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Lesson on Lids

Here I was thinking that I could do a lengthy blog on the ins and outs of recycling lids, but Bruce Edmonds, local guru of recycling says "Lids are easy!"

*Metal lids of any kind go in the metal bin (steel/aluminum)

*Plastic lids from the Number One and Number Two plastic containers are removed and then tossed into the plastic machine after putting the plastic bottle/container in the compactor (I need to go check this out because last time I recycled a few weeks ago it was still just a giant bin). That leaves out the lids of the 3-7's, which still require back door methods to recycle. Hmmm. (I guess we'll continue to use them for recycled crafts?)

(BTW: Lots of great improvements over there at the McIntire Recycling Center: they now recycle CFLs and cell phones and household batteries. Thanks Bruce!)

I say that with all sincerity and with the same sincerity wish for curbside to come back to the county!

And why not take a minute to fantasize how nice it would have a "pay-as-you-throw" system. Friends who just moved here from Ann-Arbor commented to me, "For a community which touts itself as so green community I can't believe they don't have curbside." I agree (which, incidentally is why as a citizen of the county I serve on the recycling action committee).


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Elizabeth M. said...

While we're dreaming, how about recycling credits that could be applied to utilities or used at local stores?