Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall Collections announced!

I'm not talking about the latest fall fashions, my green friends, I am talking about the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority's fall line-up for special collections of hazardous and bulky waste at the Ivy Muck (Material Utilization Center).

Sept 19: small-business hazardous waste (pre-register and pay a fee)
Sept 20: household hazardous waste like paint, chemicals like pesticides, liquid flammables, hazardous cleaning chemicals, etc.
Sept 27: furniture and mattresses (this should be your last resort, of course, after surfing Betty's hard-to-recycle-item tool to see if you can find a good home locally)
Oct 4: appliances (I was sad to find a few appliances dumped near the Rivanna River in the County recently - please dispose of these properly)
Oct 11: tires (On the same trip I counted 16 tires on a recent 5 mile stretch of the Rivanna - the next Betty green team event might be a river cleanup!)

The city and the county are also sponsoring "amnesty days" for residents to dispose of bulky items at no cost. (more to come on that)

This event is for Charlottesville city and Albemarle County residents and will be posted on the Betty events page very soon! There is a 25 gallon limit

Bruce Edmonds at 434-906-0763 can answer any questions concerning HHW.

Rid your life of bulky, bad schtuff this fall!

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