Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Look for the lessons, learn and let it go

Years ago I cut this out of a magazine and today as I was feng-shuing the cluttered refrigerator (and even the piles on top) I found these words that continue to inspire.

They are from a woman in Illinois named Jody about the most important thing she was taught growing up: "My father showed me - with true strength, courage, and integrity - the importance of letting go of past pain and regret. Whatever struggles I faced, he taught me that hanging on to resentment, guilt, grudges, or any negative emotion is destructive to body, mind and spirit. Most important, it consumes energy better spent on living. Dad's message: "Look for the lessons, learn, and let it go."

I think those of us who find ourselves beating ourselves up over our most recent environmental infraction -- forgetting to bring my to-go silverware, driving an extra 10 miles to take my exercise class from Susan, because I love her so much! forgetting to turn off the computer overnight, wondering if I should ditch my compact van for the new Honday fcxClarity, noticing that I hastily bought organic applease on the way home from work, but forgot to read the fine print about coming from South America! -- need to remember those words.

Betty values all those changes that make a difference, it's true, but she also values forgiveness and acceptance when it comes to healing the planet. Look for the lessons, learn, do better next time, and let go. It's not about being Perfect World Pollyannas. Perfection is the enemy of good (thank you, Rich, for reminding me of that one sometimes). Betty is about being and doing better. Are you doing something today that you didn't do yesterday?

Step by step. That's what will make a better world.


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