Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thank you, picnic goers!

Mother Nature served up a beautiful breeze and cooler temperatures for the first annual Betty Picnic in the Park on Sunday! The event was a success: everyone enjoyed good company, good local food, fun games, and a great acoustic show from Trees on Fire. Below are some of the highlights (with photos to follow - my apologies - family has called me to our neighboring state of North Carolina):

*Trash bowling (using recycled aluminum cans) was a hit with the kids and even some adults!
*My friends Cora and Eemahni stayed until long after 4pm painting kids' faces. Thank you.
*The scavenger hunt was fun and challenging, which means the trails were pleasantly clean. No complaints there. Winners got to reach in the "new to you" toy grab bag, enjoy a homemade cookie and received a complimentary reusable Betty bag.
*Rob and Blake from Trees on Fire graced us with sublime duets and solos, including the birds and the bees, for over an hour. Loved that!
*I enjoyed talking to Ryan, James, Adrienne, and Brad about the pros and cons of bioplastics, creative reuse tricks, and future plans for Betty (as she continues to be your go-to-gal for all things green in Cville)
*Channel 19 arrived to chronicle the event and broadcast it on the evening and morning news! (fyi: I need work on my interviewing skills)
*The event was very close to no waste: I believe the only thing we had to throw away were the lined chip bags and the latex gloves used for the hunt.
*We exchanged hundreds of books and CDs
*Enough money was raised for small expansions to the site due out this fall!

I appreciate all the love and support from friends, family, community members, and businesses: Rebecca's, Blue Ridge Eco-shop, EcoDrycleaners, Albemarle Baking Company, 1061 the Corner. Thank you Kelly, my faithful volunteer extraordinaire, and Eric, who stayed with me to clean up, and Anna and my husband (thanks for the generous donations!), and Adrienne for moral support. Matt Holmes from Channel 19 asked me how I measure success? Besides the new visitors Betty is receiving each week, it's the encouragement and support I received from everyone who attended this event, who went out of their way to give positive feedback or a new idea.

With gratitude,

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