Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Asking for help...

Thanks to a dear friend of mine I am going to do something that feels very weird.

Asking for help.

I'm flying solo here and I know you all are extremely busy. But in case you are spending too much time on Second Life; or you just lost your job and DON'T need another one anytime soon; or you happen to be a grad student in urban planning or environmental science who is looking for an exciting new project to write your thesis on about the emerging new eco-conscious citizens who are re-aligning everyday choices to fit better in line with their values, Betty needs you!

Instead of going online right now to figure out how to put a nifty "NEW" button on the site, and working past midnight, and then have it still look like Elmo did it on his computer, my friend tells me there might actually be someone willing to help me do that for free, because they can do it with their eyes closed and they care!

So I will start out right now by asking you to consider the value of Betty to you.

Has she helped you find a use for an old pair of tennis shoes? Has she listed your burgeoning business and driven customers to your store? Has she posted an event and helped increase attendance? Has she inspired other actions in you that have helped you make a difference in your world?

If you find value in what Betty is trying to do in our community and our world, please consider giving some time to the cause. I think it's important for you to know that currently Betty is 100% volunteer and paid for by small, private donations (of which to date there have been five - and don't ask how many have come from my mother!).

Below is a list of tasks.

Better World Betty task list:

*Get the Word Out – Fliers on Kiosks and around town once or twice a month

*UVA publicity – chalk art/kiosks

*Easy-Peezy Tech Help –
Subscriber form
In the News
Tutorial on Tags
Google Map to search tool

*Local Green Scene assistant

*Brainstorming, formulating, creating a dining guide

*Farmer’s Market – helping manning or womanning a table

Thanks all!
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