Monday, February 4, 2008

No more excuses, commuters!

Last week I went to a public about what citizens hope to have happen in the designated growth areas of Albemarle County (important stuff, if you live there like I do, but that's another blog).

At the sign in table, someone there gave me a funky, cool recycled pen with the website I had heard of ride share, but had no idea the wide range of services available for you commuters out there. You Crozetians and North 29ers or possibly those of you who live in surrounding counties and have to drive long distances into town, please consider taking advantage of the ride share program.

The website is easy to navigate and informative: check out car pools, van pools, school pools and their "guaranteed ride" program.

You know how we all make excuses for why we can't car pool. The big one being, I need to be flexible. What if my daughter gets sick and needs picked up early at school? What if I have another pressing need where I have to leave work? I'll be without a car!

No more excuses.

If you are signed up in any type of pool at least two days a week, you are eligible to register for a "guaranteed ride:" if you suddenly need a ride, the people at rideshare are happy to help. Either via free taxi service(within a certain distance) or even a short-term rental car option.

When my preschooler starts a five day half-day program next year I plan on "school-pooling" with a neighbor to cut down on drive time. My son's school is not currently listed on the site, but Baker-Butler Elementary School, both Covenant schools, Greenbrier Elementary and others are listed as participating. Check it out Albemarle and Cville area commuters:


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