Sunday, February 24, 2008

Give local...with Etsy

Do you have a spring wedding to attend and haven't found that special gift yet? Or perhaps would like to find something unique for the birthday of your closest friend? Have you thought about the "greenest" way to give that special gift? Recycled wrapping paper aside, check out this idea: a local handmade craft from at

Etsy is the hub for homemade stuff. You can buy, sell, take a class, teach a class, and a whole bunch of other cool features for you lovers of handmade crafts: handbags, works of art, jewelry, and unexpected surprises like a crocheted sushi set!

Betty-wise, the best thing about the site is that you can "shop local" (or use their geolocator) section. This will provide you with the 30 most recent artists here in Charlottesville (or in your hometown elsewhere), and a thumbnail photo of their beautiful wares. Click on an item that piques your interest and you pop to their virtual store to browse and possibly buy.

Note: don't let that cool paper mache switchplate from Australia tempt you. Let's keep your greenbacks here and avoid the imbedded energy of long-distance travel, my friends.

So have fun surfing for that perfect item at


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Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I just LOVE Etsy! Before I knew you could search based on location, I accidentally found a local person who makes really cute greeting cards and other neat little things.