Friday, February 22, 2008

Carpe Donuts on a rainy Friday morning

Last Friday there was a glimmer of sunshine on that rainy day in the form of a mobile donut unit called Carpe Donuts!

Matt and his colorful "Gypsy" were parked in front of the Lucky Seven on Market Street. Oh Hallelujah! I am here to tell you, you haven't lived until you've tasted one of these donuts!

I discovered these amazing homemade donuts at last year's holiday market where Jenn and her two kids Finn and Lil were manning the culinary ship while I was spreading the word about Betty. (and congratulations to them on the birth of their new daughter Georgia!)

They make their donuts with all organic ingredients including apple cider, eggs and spices, and then fried in soy oil (which is then converted to biofuel after the frying is complete). Betty is just beaming!

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ChrEliz said...

Yum! Anytime I can feel virtuous eating DONUTS, that's AWESOME! Thanks for the tip! ~ChrEliz (Christine Gresser)