Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Denim Therapy

I have found an even better website than better world betty, if you can believe it.

I know you all have that favorite pair of jeans - they perfectly conform to your unique lower body. Whether that is your big beautiful hips or your jay-lo look alike gluteus or the lack thereof. The jeans that make you feel like a million bucks. People in the grocery line ask you, Where did you get those jeans?

And we all know that good jeans come at a very high price. Number one, they are hard as hades to find. If you're tall, like me, they are never long enough. And with today's funky fake sizes (that are rigged to make you feel skinnier), you have to try on a dozen pair to find the right fit. And when you do find them, you are appalled at the price tag.

My first favorite pair of jeans (that is, after my jordache jeans from my elementary school days) I didn't find 'til I was 30. A pair of Lucky Jeans. Made in the USA (which is hard to find when buying clothing) at a steep 90 bucks, which I distinctly recall swearing that I would never pay. But it was after my second son was born and I figured I had earned a decent pair of jeans!

And, let me tell you, they were worth every cent. I've been wearing them once a week for the past five years. Do the math.

But these jeans are becoming mere threads. Both knees are torn out and the belt loop to boot. But I won't give them up.


That's right. Denim Therapy. This company will take your favorite jeans and presto, change-o, repair them for you! You send them your jeans and they will first give you an estimate (and they are careful to make no distinct guarantees). But, hey, isn't it worth an excellent try?!

Though I'm a bit scared to part with them at all, tears or no tears, I think I'm going to do it! If they can mend these well-worn jeans, I'll be dancing in the streets (with them on, of course).

I'll let you know...


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