Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top ten new uses for old socks

(Note to self: make sure they're clean)

1-Make a sock puppet by sewing or drawing a nose, mouth and eyes. Sew yarn or string for hair. This one's a real hit with the under 5 set
2-Slip over hand and use as a dust rag
3-Stuff with dried rosemary and lavender, call it a potpourri bag, and stick it in your underwear drawer
4-Make a home-made cat toy
5-Use as a swiffer or other mop cover (rather than buying new ones)
6-Use them for packing the next time you send a box with something fragile
7-Find a long stick or dowel, tape the sock over one end, and clean in high places, doing your best imitation of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins
8-Use as winter gloves that your kids can get really dirty
9-When packing your lunch, use one to pack your delicate fruits like bananas and pears, realizing people WILL make fun of you
10-If you don't like the first nine uses, put a sock in it!

It's late.


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